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New Brazilian Anti-Corruption Law May Impact South Florida Businesses in Brazil

In a recent Daily Business Review Board of Contributors article, we discuss Brazil’s new anti-corruption law, which will come into effect starting in early 2014. The law is similar to the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the U.K.’s Bribery Act, but is even more robust in certain respects and contains a series of draconian… Continue Reading

Florida Supreme Court Eliminates the Contractual Economic Loss Rule

Contracts are an integral part of every company’s daily life.  Negotiating a contract allows the company to evaluate the transaction and hammer out an accord that allocates risks and rewards in a satisfactory way.  Executing and performing the contract permits the company to realize these rewards by exchanging with a counterparty the consideration provided by… Continue Reading

“JOLT” Act Seeks to Lessen U.S. Travel Restrictions for Brazilians, Canadians

While Canadians still comprise the number one group of foreign buyers of real estate statewide in Florida, América Economía is now reporting that Brazilians have surpassed Canadians as the top overseas visitors and property buyers in Miami.  Currently, U.S. business industry groups are aggressively lobbying the U.S. Congress to make it easier for Canadians and… Continue Reading

Proposed Family Law Legislation Prohibiting Foreign Laws Fails to Pass in Florida Senate

In a previous post, I discussed Senate Bill 58 and House Bill 351, which were proposed bills that would have prohibited the application of foreign laws in family law disputes pending in the State of Florida unless the foreign body of law granted the litigants the “same” rights and protections as the Florida and U.S…. Continue Reading

Supreme Court Ruling Limits Extraterritorial Application of Alien Tort Statute

U.S. companies with, or that were seeking to acquire, foreign operations often fretted over the possibility that plaintiffs in the foreign jurisdiction would seek to invoke the Alien Tort Statute (“ATS”), 28 U.S.C. § 1350, and commence actions in the U.S. in an attempt to seek redress for egregious conduct (violations of the “laws of… Continue Reading

Passage of Controversial Law Could Tarnish Florida’s Reputation as International Dispute Resolution Center

Senate Bill 58 and House Bill 351 Seek to Prohibit Florida Courts from Applying Foreign Laws in Family Law Disputes You may not have heard of the think tank called the American Public Policy Alliance (APPA), or its “American Laws for American Courts” initiative, which “was crafted to protect American citizens’ constitutional rights against the… Continue Reading

South Florida, Prime Destination for Litigants Seeking Evidence in Foreign Proceedings

Foreign civil lawsuits, private arbitrations using § 1782 to facilitate discovery Let’s say you have a client who is a party to an arbitration proceeding pending in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In your investigation of the matter, you discover that an individual living in Miami, Florida, may have critical information relating to your client’s claims. You want… Continue Reading