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No Good Deed Goes Untaxed – The IRS May Recharacterize Loans as Gifts

Entrepreneurs in Miami and elsewhere are familiar with making and receiving loans as commonplace tools in the management of their businesses.  One need look no further than the growth of Miami’s skyline through debt-financed development to understand how other people’s money can be leveraged to create new wealth for investors. Managing Intra-Family Loans It is … Continue Reading

Hidden State Tax Trap on Real Estate

Miami residents have a long history of escaping to cooler climates during the summer months.  While the advent of central air conditioning has made regular visits to the north more of a luxury than a necessity, vacation homes in such exotic locations as North Carolina, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts and New York remain as popular as … Continue Reading

The University of Miami’s Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning Conference

The University of Miami School of Law recently completed its presentation of the 47th Annual Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning.  The Institute, which has been held in Orlando for the last several years is the nation’s leading conference for estate planners. Thousands of attorneys, CPAs, and other professionals from all over the country were in … Continue Reading