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Is Urban Renewal Miami’s Next Economic Engine?

Miami may soon join the ranks of other major U.S. metropolises boasting innovative urban trail projects that have transformed neighborhoods and ignited a firestorm of private investment. The Underline, a proposed development catalyzed by the nonprofit group Friends of the Underline in partnership with Miami-Dade County, will convert the underutilized land below the County’s Metrorail … Continue Reading

Reception Celebrates Launch of AnsaldoBreda’s Miami-Dade Rail Car Project

On January 9, we hosted a reception to celebrate the launch of the Miami-Dade County Rail Car Project. Italian global transportation company AnsaldoBreda, will replace the existing aging Metrorail trains with 136 modern, heavy rail vehicles. Miami-Dade Transit awarded the $300 million contract to AnsaldoBreda to build the new fleet of Metrorail cars, which will … Continue Reading

New Public Transportation Contract Fuels Growth

Italian firm AnsaldoBreda awarded contract to build Metrorail cars in 2015 Last week, the Miami-Dade County Board of County Commissioners awarded a $313 million contract to AnsaldoBreda to design and build 136 new Metrorail cars to replace the existing fleet.  The contract was awarded after a lengthy competitive solicitation process that included several twists and … Continue Reading

P3 Opportunities Ahead For Public Transportation Systems

Moving forward, some of the most exciting opportunities for public-private partnerships will be in the area of public transportation. Traditionally, public transportation systems have been constructed and operated solely with public dollars. Unfortunately, now that the need for new fast and efficient public transportation systems is greater than ever, those public dollars are hard to … Continue Reading

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